Affichage des articles du mai, 2018
Jean-Paul LACROIX - Cocoon and his team Argyro and Julien

offers you two magnificentSummer workshops Cocoon tantric and shamanic in Greece,  in July on Evia and in August in Corfu.

THE TANTRA makes it possible to find not only joy and pleasure of living but also to widen the range of possibilities limited by the "me-I". The Tantra exercises are there to allow the dissolution of the ego and the encounter with a universal dimension. The dancer disappears in the dance. He becomes the dance.

THE TANTRIC MASSAGE touches the three planes:physical, emotional and spiritual in order to find that feeling of unity that connects us to the divine. By reuniting us, he frees us from the feeling of guilt that cuts us off from life. The tantric massage is like Osho's text: love, openness and abandonment. Tantric massage is sensual, tender and spiritual at the same time. The tantric massage more than the others still is a meeting of souls and can only be done if an agreement is established…